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Leasing a van from Mobile Wash puts you in business without breaking the bank. Whether you don't have a vehicle or your current car is not up to the job of being an official Mobile Wash vehicle, we have you covered. This is a great low-cost opportunity to get your new business started without making a major investment in a van or equipment.

Mobile Wash vans come fully equipped, so everything you need to start detailing is already onboard. Our vans only require a small leasing fee, which means your business can thrive without hefty equipment costs.

Whether you are in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, or Ventura Counties, you'll be able to reach clients in any city that Mobile Wash services. Arriving in a vehicle with the Mobile Wash logo adds brand awareness that using another vehicle simply can't match. Your customers will feel more confident and secure seeing the official Mobile Wash logo with their knowledgeable and friendly car detailer.

Ready to join us? To learn more about becoming a Mobile Wash partner and leasing a Mobile Wash van, sign-up online or call us at (888) 209-5585.